We pride ourselves on offering the same professional services to all, regardless of organisation size.

We listen to our customers

We serve a wide range of companies

If you have an idea in mind that you'd like to see come to life, our developers will do everything possible to realise your project.

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Working with you

At CodePixi, we help build you flexible and custom software development. We work efficiently and pride ourselves on our communication with you. Our developers listen to your needs and your ideas and put together a plan to best tackle your expectations and optimise opportunities.

Working with us

CodePixi developers help you understand disadvantages and possible opportunities. Using these, we then plan solutions and build bespoke software development to fit your needs and improve your existing systems. We create clear and straightforward products that are easy to understand from both a consumer and distributor standpoint.
Helping you build your start-up from the ground up
What features of bespoke software development are most important for your start-up? Which features should you prioritise?

At CodePixi, we help you answer important questions and lend a helping hand when prioritising aspects of a project. We listen to your needs and expectations and help by supporting you as you move forward and grow.
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