What Is a Bespoke CRM Development?

Bespoke CRM Development

A Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) is the ultimate solution for managing your customer data. It comes to replace the old-style analogue system of using paper documents or Excel spreadsheets to collect key customer information and using it to identify sales leads and create a sales strategy. CRM software are more dynamic and integrate a series of functions that can help improve customer lifetime value, helping you retain your existing customers while acquiring new ones. They also help streamline processes and increase profitability.

What Does a Bespoke CRM Software Do?

A well-designed bespoke CRM like the ones we develop at CodePixi helps you store all the information in just one place whilst allowing multiple departments to access it. Your salespeople will instantly be able to trace down a customer with just a few clicks and learn their name, address, contact info, birthday, and other information regarding their relationship with the company. Imagine how easy it will be for them to create more personalised e-mails and calls and how much this strategy will increase your selling prospects. At the same time, your marketing team will use the data to create better marketing strategies whilst your customer service operators will find it easier to communicate with the customers if they can trace their previous relationship with the company.

Basic CRM Features

When you decide to invest in a bespoke CRM development, you should always think about your business needs. Compared to an Off-the-Shelf software, an CodePixi bespoke CRM development built from scratch for your needs only allows you to select the right features that will help your company grow. If you are not sure where to start, here are the fundamental elements a bespoke CRM software should include:

Contact Management

Contact Management

You will be able to add as many contacts as you need with a scalable bespoke CRM software and store all their data in a cloud, so that multiple departments have access to it at the same time. This will lead to the optimisation of your business processes while improving customer experience.

Lead Management

Lead Management

If you implement a great lead management solution, you will almost instantly see a change in your lead-to-deal reports. Basically, a bespoke CRM software can help you collect leads using multiple channels. Then, the software analyses them and nurtures them until they are ready to turn into deals.

Sales Forecasting

Sales Forecasting

If you choose to integrate a sales forecast feature, your new enterprise software can help you generate sales forecast reports. The software uses your pipeline of potential customers to make predictions about how much you will sell in the future. Imagine what a useful tool this can be for your sales team and sales managers as well!

E-mail Tracking

E-mail Tracking

Every time you reach out to your customers with tracking e-mails, you will be able to see if they have been opened, how many times they have been read, and what devices were used to open them. Your custom software will store everything and provide useful reports to help identify potential leads.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

A cloud-based CRM software allows each user to use the dashboard at any time and from any location to see the data analytics. This speeds up the decision process and can help close a deal on the spot if the seller has all the necessary information to convince the customer.

Internal Communication

Internal Communication

Your employees will be able to use the platform to safely communicate internally with each other whilst maintaining all the information private. Messaging becomes easier by cutting out third-party efforts, and all the conversations can be stored for further clarification.

Improves your relationship with your existing customers

A report from Frederick Reich of Bain & Company showed that it costs you 6 to 7 times more to acquire a new customer than to maintain an existing one. So, it becomes clear that the base for your business is the existing customers you should try to keep in the loop about your new promotions and services.
One of the many benefits of bespoke CRM software is that it, unlike a human employee, never forgets, and it can help remind you to contact customers who haven’t reached out in a while. Marketing automation offers you an advantage over your competition and can increase your sale opportunities considerably. Remember, you have more chances to sell to an existing customer than to a new one!

Helps you be proactive

If you know your customer’s buying habits, it is easier to create custom offers that have greater chances to sell. This data can be comprised from previous interactions between the customer and your business and easy to understand reports efficiently communicate this information.

Quicker communication

One of the most important goals when running a business is to respond to your customers’ inquiries as fast as possible. If you take an hour to reply, it may already too late and doesn’t always show professionalism. Most bespoke CRM softwares integrate a chat feature that allows your customer support specialists to respond instantly as it cuts out third-party applications. Not to mention that they will have all the customer’s data in front of them so will be best equipped to answer inquiries efficiently.

Advanced CRM features

More advanced bespoke CRM software integrate marketing automation and customer service softwares. They can also be customised to work on mobile. This way, the business process becomes more dynamic.

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How CodePixi offer you the best

Bespoke CRM System Development

Can you still run a business without a CRM software?

  • You can choose to do this, but are taking a risk in such competitive markets.
  • If your competitors are already using automated project management solutions that can offer them complex reports, whilst you are still keeping all your sales data in a spreadsheet and have your employees losing valuable time having to update them constantly, you will probably close fewer deals.
  • With a bespoke CRM software, you simplify your e-commerce process, collecting more data and storing them in a software with no vulnerabilities. It works both for small companies and large organisations, and CodePixi can customise the development process to make sure all the features you need are included.

Integrate Your CRM into a Top-of-the-Line bespoke ERP software

  • If you need an even more complex software solution to help you manage the operational level of your business, you can choose to integrate the CRM into an Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP).
  • This way, you will be able to collect data from all of your business' departments and organise daily activities like accounting, risk management, procurement, and supply chain operations.
  • You can also implement enticing and engaging prospects into a bespoke ERP system.
ERP System
Agile Development Methodology

Redefining how you work

  • At CodePixi, we focus on making sure you are happy not only with the final product you receive from us but also our work flow and attention to detail. This is why we use Agile Development Methodology and provide Technical support when need. We also have training opportunities and workshops available to teach you and your employees how to best use the bespoke CRM software we have put together for you.
Our pathway to bespoke CRM development

Through tried and tested approaches, we have uncovered what we concluded is the not-so-secret formula for a successful  bespoke CRM software. We consider that our previous involvement and knowledge of CRMs softwares has helped us achieve insight into what works and what works best.

IOS Budgeting


IOS Planning and Priorotisation

Planning and Prioritisation

IOS Design


IOS Sevelopment


IOS Quality Assurance

Quality assurance

IOS Evaluate and Adapt

Evaluate and Adapt

IOS Release


IOS Ongoing support

Ongoing support

How does CodePixi incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their bespoke CRM development?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a transformative technology that CodePixi utilises in their bespoke CRM development. AI can automate and enhance various CRM functions such as customer data analysis, predictive sales forecasting, and customer service. By integrating AI into their bespoke CRM systems, CodePixi helps businesses to streamline operations, make data-driven decisions, and provide personalised customer experiences.

What is the benefit of a cloud-based CRM system?

A cloud-based CRM system, like the one offered by CodePixi, allows for secure internal communication and data storage. It also provides the flexibility of accessing your CRM system from anywhere, at any time, which is particularly beneficial for businesses with remote teams.

What features does CodePixi's bespoke CRM software include?

CodePixi's bespoke CRM software includes a variety of features designed to streamline your business operations. These include a great lead management solution, the ability to generate sales forecast reports, email tracking, and a cloud-based system for safe internal communication.

What is bespoke CRM development?

Bespoke CRM development is the process of creating a custom Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system tailored to the specific needs of a business. CodePixi specialises in developing these custom CRM systems, which include features like lead management, sales forecast reports, email tracking, and internal communication tools.

Does CodePixi offer other services apart from bespoke CRM development?

Yes, in addition to bespoke CRM development, CodePixi also offers Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software development, technology consultancy, and a range of other tech solutions. They aim to provide comprehensive technology solutions to meet the diverse needs of businesses.

How can a bespoke CRM system improve my business?

A bespoke CRM system can significantly enhance your business operations. It can improve your relationship with existing customers, enable quicker communication, and help your business be more proactive. By automating your project management and sales data, you can save valuable time and gain a competitive edge.