Technology Consultancy

Akoom Tech Technology Consultancy

How can our Technology Consultancy Services can help you?

We can identify the technology barriers that stand between you and a more profitable business.

A large amount of business change is attributed to technology solutions. We help you understand what your business challenges may be and then see how technology use can solve them.

Our Technology Consultancy service splits into 2 main categories: Technology Strategy and Software Implementation.

Technology Strategy

We’ve all heard upsetting stories of starting a project only for it to then not be yours. At CodePixi we can guarantee that this won’t be your story. We provide you with the exact solutions you have requested and nothing less. You can put your trust in CodePixi to provide you with:

Digital transformation

Digital transformation

We can help with the digital transformation of your organisation. We can develop strategies that create competitive advantage. We’ll spend time understanding how your company operates from a technology point of view and suggest what changes your company can benefit from.



We can create better communication pipelines across your company. We can unify all your departments and create a transparent communication layer with our CodePixi ERP solutions.

Culture and leadership

Culture and leadership

We can help your organisation create a culture of innovation and leadership to best benefit your business goals and needs.

Agile Methodology Development

Development methodology

Our experienced consultants can observe your development practices and can help you build a truly Agile Methodology environment by following well known best practices.

E-Commerce Software Solution


Whether you’re starting a new business or want to move your physical shop into the digital space, we can help you achieve a successful online presence by creating state of the art E-commerce solutions.

Migration Data

Platform Migration

CodePixi can help you migrate your current solutions to different platforms. Our experienced consultants can assess your current platform and create a risk-free migration plan that can help your business unlock modern and feature-rich platforms.

Software Implementation

Our Technical Architects will do a technical assessment and after analysing the results, we can propose and implement solutions using the best technologies for your business. Our aim is to deliver high-quality software in the shortest time possible in order to give you the opportunity to release the projects and get faster results.

Akoom Tech Technology Stack
Diversity in technology stack

Here at CodePixi, we believe in diversity. That’s why we offer a wide range of technologies that can best fit your project requirements. Our developers have seniority across multiple technologies and this will give you the peace of mind that your project will be developed at high standards.

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