9 Innovative Artificial Intelligence App Ideas to Try Out Today

Picture this: you're able to anticipate a personal financial meltdown before it's on your doorstep, manage your social media interactions and keep your followers engaged even when you're disconnected, or keep round-the-clock tabs on your health vitals.

These aren't fictional narratives set years from now, but tangible realities that AI is rapidly making possible.

And let's not forget, wouldn't you like an AI-powered app to hustle finding customised job opportunities for you online?

This is exactly what we're looking at: a frontier brimming with innovative custom app ideas that, when combined with artificial intelligence's finesse and power, will turn our experiences upside down in 2023.


AI Personal Stylist


The first on our list, the concept of an AI personal stylist app might just take the burden off the issue of 'what to put on today'. Armed with machine learning and deep learning mechanisms, this application would master the users' tastes, preferences, body structure, and breakthrough fashion trends in order to propose everyday styling counsel.

In an era where efficient and stylish living is sought-after and e-commerce is speedily advancing, merging AI and fashion seems like a tactical financial move.

More specifically, this sort of AI app would democratise elite fashion, keeping a strong personal style focus, thus rendering fashion inclusive and customised.


AI Language Tutor


As the earth keeps on becoming a more interconnected place, the capacity to speak various languages has transformed from being a luxury to a requirement. An AI language tutor could stand as our unique EdTech novelty, promoting skill acquisition in a refreshing new light.

With advancements in natural language processing, AI might actually design personalised lesson agendas grounded on the user's understanding of a language, their favourite pace of study, and application contexts.

Moreover, this customised app's integrated systems could monitor the advancement and modify the curriculum as necessary, resulting in an intuitive, user-centric language learning route.


AI Healthcare Assistant


Imagine an application that keeps track of your vital statistics, diet habits, and medication schedule and nudges you with timely reminders.

It could also be designed to analyse your health status and recommend appropriate medical consultations.

Personalised, efficient, always witty, and ready to serve, it makes sure you’re one step ahead of your health.

Got a health query at midnight? This AI doesn’t need to sleep!


AI Personal Job Finder


How about this for an app concept? Scanning through job websites, interacting with recruiters and conducting detailed data searches to find the right role—it's somewhat overwhelming, isn't it?

Leveraging sophisticated AI algorithms and anticipative analytics, this custom software will inherently perform the role of a personal career concierge.

It scours many job advertisements and candidate profiles in real-time, pinpointing prospects that are appropriate to a user's working experience, educational foundation, and individual objectives—truly a digital shift in recruitment!


AI Eco-Friendly Shopping Assistant


An AI eco-friendly shopping assistant could be the answer to our eco-shopping dilemmas. This savvy AI could analyse multiple products, taking into account their manufacturing processes, carbon footprints, and recyclability, before suggesting the most sustainable option.

Instead of high-street shopping, it might also suggest ethical online alternatives, keeping those carbon emissions in check.

As an investor, imagine the positive global impact you'd be backing whilst also catering for a growing market of eco-conscious consumers. It’s an opportunity to do good and turn a profit.


AI Virtual Interior Designer


Consider an AI virtual interior designer app as your personal mediator between design ideas and reality. It can offer homeowners a tool to visualise the transformation of their space, using AI to recognise the dimensions of the room and the position of existing furniture.

Users can select different styles, colours, and pieces of furniture to see how it all fits together in their virtual room.

Moreover, engagement is kept high with regular updates on trending designs and, occasionally, delightful discounts on featured pieces.


AI Wildlife Identification


Have you ever had that “what on earth is that creature” moment while hiking or exploring the great outdoors? Well, an AI wildlife identification app could be the lifeline you never knew you needed.

By using advanced techniques like machine learning and image recognition, the app might just set a new standard for interactive nature exploration.

For anyone with a keen interest in the natural world—parents, teachers, birdwatchers, hikers, or ordinary city dwellers—such an application would certainly give their nature adventures a significant boost.


AI Financial Advisor


Money matters can give even the most frugal among us some severe migraines. What if you could have an AI financial advisor who is always by your side to help untangle the complexities of finances?

Sends witty alerts when you’re close to exceeding your budget or suggests ways to optimise savings based on patterns in your expenditure, and even strategizes for your long-term financial goals.

A bespoke avatar loaded with high-quality financial awareness, ready to spill secrets you’d rather not share with a human financial adviser—it’s your dream finance mate come true!


AI Time Management Coach


Having a digital ally that constantly monitors your tasks, sets priorities, and guides you to shuffle around your hectic routine can considerably increase your productivity.

With a range of features crafted for individuals and groups, this app could even learn your working patterns and offer personalised strategies over time.

The best part? It does it all while adding a generous sprinkling of smart humour to ensure you enjoy your work and not just endure it. Ta-dah! Extra hours, delivered!


What It Takes to Create an AI-Based App


These game-changing bespoke software AI ideas could overhaul how we go about our daily lives. From making our homes smarter to taking charge of our health and managing our money, these apps bring a whole new level of convenience and efficiency. It's like living in the future, but better.

Our bespoke software developers in the UK are prepared to assist you in bringing these visions to life, whether you find the idea of an AI personal stylist or an eco-friendly shopping assistant fascinating. Book a meeting with us to learn more about our services.