Agile Methodology and How We Use it to Help Your Business

When it comes to using software development to bring your ideas to life and help reach business objectives, we use Agile Methodology, otherwise known as Scrum, as an official term for the way we work with you in iterative steps towards full app or website platform release.

This is an increasingly popular and effective way for software development teams to work in the modern times and allows us to release elements of your project while the team continues working towards development milestones.

What is Agile Methodology?

Simply put, Agile Methodology is a way of managing a development project by breaking it up into several different phases.

The process involves regular development team meetings throughout the building cycle that proactively respond to ongoing feedback from you as our stakeholders about how we are doing.  

The overall feeling of working with us as part of an agile approach is one of complete collaboration.

We don’t just hide way for several weeks and deliver something vaguely reflective of your initial expectations. You can expect continuous improvement at every development stage, with each ‘round’ of implementation looking to ease any pain points.

How do I know if Agile is right for our business?

Agile Methodology is best used for large-scale, long-term projects where there is a significant amount of complexity in comparison to smaller, cost-effective software builds where there is a clear and swift path towards implementing what you need (we have a process for this kind of project too!).

Because the priority for us is to offer you our best possible service that makes use of our many decades of collective expertise in the industry, we believe that the agile way of working allows us to unlock this through a deeper understanding of what it is you are hoping to achieve for your customers.

Benefits of using Agile Methodology

There are numerous perks to the agile way of working when it comes to developing your bespoke software project:

·      Our developers continue working while you’re looking at the latest version of the project for complete efficiency.

·      It is robust enough to adjust to changing timescales, business pressures and updated requirements.

·      Allows you to have full control of the project and make adjustments in real-time.

·      The best way of working for getting high value large-scale projects to customers as swiftly as possible.

You can find out more about how we work alongside you to develop high-quality app and website software by contacting us today and asking to speak to any of our representatives who'd be more tha happy to answer your questions.