Discover The Custom Software Options That Can Skyrocket Your Business

When it comes to simplifying and growing a business through software, the developer’s knowledge is the limit. In today’s post, we’d like to introduce you to some of the most common types of custom-built software that have the potential to skyrocket your business. Here they are:

Custom/Bespoke Web Application

If you’re wondering what a custom web application is, the answer is simple. This generic term encompasses a wide range of applications meant to streamline business processes and accessible over the web. For instance, a bespoke web application could model risk calculations and expected or unexpected portfolio losses for a client in the financial sector.

Scalable, meant to integrate with other external systems, and 100% tailored to your business needs, these are just a few of the outstanding benefits derived from paying for such a solution. Speaking of which, you only pay for it once instead of the subscription-based models of off-the-shelf web applications.

Custom/Bespoke Mobile Application (IOS-Android)

As opposed to the above custom software solution category, bespoke mobile applications are more often customer-oriented. They help increase sales and customer engagement, providing users with features that off-the-shelf solutions can’t include because of their broad intended availability.

If, for instance, you are running a grocery store, a custom mobile app that people can use will serve your business well. However, from functionality to design, your bespoke app should reflect your business goals, strategy, and target audience, by contrast with other grocery stores that target different types of clients.

Custom CRM & ERP Development

Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Resource Planning systems allow organizations to manage their relationships with their customers or their day-to-day business activities within a dedicated, real-time environment. All businesses work with customers and prospects, have referrals and vendors they rely on, all of which require keeping accurate track. But because each company has its particularities, there’s no one size fits all for either CRM or ERP systems.

A software development company, for instance, might build a CRM that would allow its customers to keep an eye on their projects' progress, how tasks have been assigned, their current status, and how many hours of work are billed up until that stage.

Custom API Development and System Integration Services

If your business works with different services and data sources, building a custom library for all data to be accessed in one place through a user-friendly interface can make a world of difference. With reliable and well-documented APIs and system integration services, new product strategies and business models can quickly emerge, allowing you to stand out from the competition.

From startups to medium or even enterprise-size businesses, each one can scale with the right API application. That's because, in a nutshell, these bespoke solutions allow you to take two or more individual systems and make them work together, providing you with results that none of them was capable of delivering when taken separately.

To draw the line, working with a skilled dev team will empower you to bring to life any idea. Whether for web and mobile applications or for business software, if you can picture it, a good developer can put it into practice.
The specialists here at AkoomTech can help you out with any of them, so don't hesitate to reach out, either with questions or with a business software idea you'd like us to work on. We're always happy to engage in meaningful conversations and team up with those who aim higher!

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