Five Advantages of Using Local UK-Based Bespoke Software Development

Whether you are preparing to launch a Software as a Service business or just looking to hire a company that can develop you a high-quality CRM or ERP system, it is always better to shop locally. While there’s a chance that you could find an overseas developer that can create the perfect mobile app or cloud-based software for a slightly smaller price, there’s also the risk that you may receive a sub-par product that will only give you trouble and generate extra costs.

If you choose a local UK-based bespoke software development company, you are gaining 5 big advantages from the start:

Local Companies Know Your Target Audience Better

Software developers who work in the UK also live in the UK and shop in the UK, so they may be part of your potential buyers. Even if they are not interested in your products, they still know better how the local market works than a team of developers living in another country.

Having local insight helps them ask the right questions during the project's first stage and better understand what you are expecting. They may have also worked with other companies in the same niche and can provide advice in creating a more user-friendly application that will seem appealing to the local audience.

You Get Simple and Quicker Communication

Today, Skype, Zoom, and Google Meet seem to have solved the communication problem between specialists from different countries, making their services available to everyone around the globe. But as optimistic as that may sound, there are still some barriers in place that can make remote business relationships complicated.

The most important is communication itself. Sometimes, no matter how many Skype meetings you hold and how many reports or photos you send, this may not be enough for an overseas developer to fully understand the specifics of your business. This, inevitably, leads to gaps in the project, longer developing times, and possibly an unsatisfactory result.

A local custom application development company like CodePixi, on the other hand, can send a representative to your business place so you can show them exactly what your organisation is doing and what you need from your new system to provide.

You Can Rely on Receiving a High-Quality Product


Performance standards may be different from one country to another, so what your developer considers a par enterprise application may be actually below the standards you were expecting. A company that delivers local development services knows what its customers are anticipating and will maintain the highest standards, even if this means deploying more developers to your project and charging you a slightly higher rate.

UK-based bespoke software companies are accustomed to using Agile methodology that will help you test parts of your app before the final version is released. This method can help solve bugs or design misunderstandings on the way before too much money is spent in the wrong direction.

More importantly, local companies follow the same regulations and rules as you do, so they understand the technical and legal aspects of your local organisation without requiring that you hold long online meetings to explain them. Plus, they are accessible at the same hours you are accessible, and this means you can reach them whenever you need, especially after the software has been released. They can also reach you for clarifications on time and avoid delays that are common for overseas companies functioning in another time zone.


On-Site Maintenance is Available


Imagine that you have received your new web application, but suddenly something stops working, or your employees cannot understand how to work out some functions. Outsourcing to a foreign company would bring with it remote maintenance and assistance, which in some cases, can be the most difficult thing in the world.

You will have to explain what happened during an online meeting, which may make it more difficult for the developer to understand as long as they cannot physically take a look at your system and see what causes it to malfunction. Moreover, it is quite difficult to train a team to use a new app remotely, as they may feel uncomfortable asking questions or unwilling to admit that they don’t understand how it works. 

If you are working with a UK-based developer, all it takes is a phone call, and a representative can come to your company and inspect the problem. Injust a few hours, the issue may be solved, so you can go back to doing what you know best. Even better, local companies can provide training for your employees, showing them in person how each function works and checking that they have learned how to use it.

You Can Help the Local UK Economy


If you contribute to your local community’s development, you help yourself. In the end, here is where most of your clients are based, and you want them to thrive so they can afford to buy your products or services. In the long run, hiring a local software development company to create you a bespoke software system can bring you a higher advantage than the cost cuts you can make by going with an overseas developer.

Local companies also tend to be more involved in the development process and offer better post-development services, as they depend on their local reputation, so you can put your trust in them that they will comply with the agreed terms and not change the rules on the way.



Going with a UK bespoke application developer like CodePixi brings you the guarantee that your project will be treated professionally by an experienced team who knows the market and can quickly figure out what your business needs are. You will get assistance even when the project is finished and can rest assured that you will own the code completely. Plus, by hiring a London-based bespoke software developer, you have the chance to help your local community. Consider it an investment that, in the long run, will somehow find its way back to you.