Four Things You May Not Know About Bespoke Software Development

There are many things that happen behind a bespoke software development  or web development project and a seemingly simple decision could have long-term implications later. A website is usually developed to share information, allow interactions, or achieve marketing goals. Regardless of your purposes, there are some things that you might not realise about web development.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some things you may not know about web development

Source Code Affects SEO Performance

we often assume that keywords and content are the only primary factors that influence SEO within a webpage. Web developers may unknowingly influence SEO performance with their source code. The way your website is coded determines how titles are shown in webpages. Search engine bots read webpages in text-based HTML format. Complex and convoluted client-side programming within a HTML code may make it harder for bots to read content and look for primary keywords. Web developers must use coding best practices and optimise their source codes.

Images Affect Your Website

It is easy to assume that everyone already has broadband Internet access, especially with the recent arrival of 5G technology. JPG files may not be well optimised, making them longer to load even with high-speed Internet access. In rural areas or less developed countries, the Internet speed can be unbearably slow. If it takes too long to open your website, people could leave.

Mobile Design And Responsive Design Are Not The Same

Both designs have different approaches when it comes to matching the website layout to screen size and resolution. Mobile design is optimised only for smartphones and tablets. So, it will look basic and less appealing visually on laptop or personal computer. On the other hand, responsive design is intended for flexibility as it ensures that navigational structures, typefaces, and images remain consistent.

Your Design Will Last For Only Two Years

Your design may look cutting edge today, but it will start to appear obsolete in just a couple of years. Website design is changing and evolving, from blinking clip arts of the 90’s to minimalist layouts in recent years.

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