How to choose your custom software development partner

Choosing the right software development partner can make all the difference. If you want to reap all the benefits of outsourcing software development, you need to make an informed choice and rely on a service provider you feel compatible with. All the cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and access to resources you can get will value nothing when you don’t feel that compatibility that genuinely makes you enjoy working with the chosen software development company. Patience, time, and knowledge are essential when you’re researching the market. While the first two are on you, we can certainly help you be more aware of the knowledge it takes. Without further ado, here’s how to vet the right bespoke software development company:

Accurate identification of business needs and customer expectations

What you want and how you expect to get it are essential factors. To find a reliable company that can deliver the kind of bespoke software you need, you will have to come with clear expectations. Of course, as you get more involved in a partnership, new details will occur and the contracted company will most likely make you improvement suggestions. Yet the foundation of your new collaboration relies on an accurate image of your business needs and expectations as a customer. You’re the only one who can set those directions and it’s essential you have them in place before you do any research.

Communication – what the customer wants, what the provider facilitates

Onshore, nearshore, or offshore, outsourcing is mostly done remotely. And while communication is a core element of any substantial business development, when distance is involved, it’s even more important. If both parties have compatible communication procedures and availability, delays are less likely to occur and the outcomes are positive rather than disappointing. Pay attention, however, that communication isn’t just about the channels they use, but also about their ability to understand your requirements. Speaking the same language, being on similar time zones, using communication channels that you’re both comfortable with are all mandatory. But so is getting to make your message correctly understood and receiving recommendations that show that they know your business model and demands.

Development processes, security & support, during & afterward

When you know that you’re on the same page and communicate effectively, getting a grasp of their development processes is the next stage. At the same time, you’ll want to know how they approach security issues and what kind of support you can expect, not just throughout your active collaboration but also once the project is completed. Typically, it’s the developer’s responsibility to ensure security measures and perform checks to reveal any flaws. Bear in mind, though, that security and support are two ongoing aspects that your software outsourcing partner will have to take care of, even after releasing the software. ***

Here, at CodePixi, we are strongly committed to all of these core values that make for a solid partnership. Choosing Custom Software Development Companies in London to outsource your bespoke software to our team of experts will make us an extension of your team.

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