Top 10 Software Ideas for Start-Ups for 2023

If there’s something the pandemic helped us understand better is that everything is moving online. Companies, schools, professionals ,and people, in general, can no longer exist outside the virtual world, which opens the path to new business opportunities.

If you are looking to invest in an app that can help you grow as a businessman in 2023, we have a list of the most profitable software start-up ideas and years of expertise we are ready to put at your disposal.

Real-time emotion detection using artificial intelligence (AI)

Real-time emotion recognition for interactions with virtual customers.

The use of AI technology for real-time emotion recognition is a potential approach for enhancing virtual customer support encounters.

Artificial intelligence (AI) systems can correctly identify a customer's emotions and respond accordingly by analysing facial expressions, tone of voice, and linguistic patterns.

This may result in more effective and efficient communication as well as improved client satisfaction. Real-time emotion recognition will probably continue to gain popularity in 2023 and beyond as virtual interactions in the customer service sector grow more prevalent.

CRM System

Many companies are looking to move from an outdated spreadsheet customer database to a cloud-based system that allows access to the same information to more departments at the same time.

A CRM System (customer relationship management) gathers data about customers and their relationship with the company over time, allowing sales agents and managers to come up with a more efficient sales strategy.

CRM software can integrate automated functions that ensure no customer is forgotten and leads are followed.

According to Thrive My Way, by 2028, the global CRM market is expected to grow in size, reaching approximately $128.97 billion, so it is safe to say that more companies will be investing in a CRM system in the following years.

ERP System

Large companies can no longer function without an enterprise resource planning system, no matter if they decide on a cloud-based one oran option to be used only on-premises.

ERPs bring together the most important processes in an organisation, from manufacturing and supply-chain operations to financing and more complex management analysis.

They can also integrate a CRM system, making it easy for managers to supervise the sales and customer service departments.

CodePixi can develop a complex ERP you can further license to your customers. If well-advertised, this business idea can gradually develop in the future, bringing you a substantial customer database.

Project Management Software

Even if some companies are calling their employees back to the office, the idea of using a project management system is here to stay. It makes it easier for managers to assign tasks to their team members and follow their progress, so companies kind of fell in love with these types of apps.

A clear bespoke software program that is versatile enough to reach as many industries as possible will quickly become popular among corporations if you market it correctly.

Data Leakage Detection System

 Early this year, hackers attacked according to Investopedia, stealing about$18 million worth of Bitcoin and $15 million worth of Ethereum from the users, and this is only one of the many attacks taking place on the internet. Hackers are interested in financial data, private information, and other details they can later sell on the dark web.

It is enough for the word to spread about a corporation leaking information for its reputation to be affected. So, to protect their sensitive data, many companies are willing to pay today for a data leakage detection system that can identify breaches in their network and help them solve them before they become a liability for the organisation.

Plagiarism Detection Software

 Google is becoming more severe when it comes to copied content, pushing blogs that don’t provide original texts to the back of the line. Therefore, SEO managers are willing to pay for a strong plagiarism detection system that can search the internet and identify similar content.

Universities also use these types of programs to check their student’s papers’ originality and ensure that evaluation is done correctly.Some of them are willing to spend good money just to avoid finding out later that some of their graduates have plagiarised in their thesis.

E-learning Software

 According to, the e-learning industry has experienced a growth of over 900% in revenues from 2000, and it hasn’t yet peaked, as this percentage is expected to triple by 2025.

This is the right moment to invest in an e-learning platform universities and schools can use to make learning more entertaining and interactive. Another category of customers is represented by companies, which may use e-learning to teach their employees new skills.

Travel Planner Software

 Travelling is becoming a way of life for some people, who tend to spend hours or even days planning their trips to the last detail. In this community, but also outside it, using a travel planner has become a popular way of keeping things organised without stressing too much.

A poll performed by Statista in 2021 on Americans who were planning their next trip showed that 22% of them used a travel website to arrange their vacation, and 35% were strongly leaning toward the same path.

Speech-to-Text Converting Software

 The dream of every journalist is to finally have their interviews transcribed into words by a program without needing to waste hours with this task. There’s still room for improvement in this domain, as transcribing software hasn’t been perfected yet, but there are definitely customers ready to pay for a good app.

Diet Control Software

 The competition is higher with lifestyle apps, with companies dying every year and new ones immediately occupying the free spots.But diet control software that has a beautiful and user-friendly interface, multiple functions, integrates with other lifestyle apps, and comes at a good price has all the chances to succeed.

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