What Are The Key Features Of An Aesthetic Website?

Have you just started a new business and want to make a website to catch your digital audience as well? Are you also wondering what makes a website pleasing to the eye and engaging enough? Do you want to know the factors to improve your visitors' engagement and stickiness? If your answer is yes, you are in the right place because this article will highlight the essential factors to consider when designing a website or revamping the existing site for maximum impact!


One of the strongest subliminal visual tools is the proper use of colours to influence the best user experience on the websites. Blue and greens are 'cool' colours with a calming effect; however, red is a 'hot' colour that commands attention. You need to think carefully while choosing the colours for your site background, navigation, headers and the links you incorporate. Try to test different methodologies and combinations of colours to choose the most effective ones for displaying the website's message.

Textual Content

Your website needs to be equipped with the most relevant and keyword-rich content, unlike magazine campaigns. Ideally, use the headings and subheadings to organise text to allow easy visual scanning. Use anchor text and bold faces to convey essential concepts. However, if the subject matter is pretty complex, then ensure to provide a glossary and link key terms to it, so you do not have to define the concepts repeatedly on the same page.


A picture speaks louder than words; however, the wrong and inaccurate picture is completely a waste of precious real estate. Whether you use illustrations, photography, or diagrams, always make sure to choose the pictures that will attract your visitors and must also be relevant enough to the message you want to convey.


Everything on your site should be balanced and visually connected. Always prefer to remain stuck to the limited specific number of webpage treatments; more if your site has comprised and multiple content types, fewer if the site is small. A chaotic and frenetic webpage will have a much higher bounce rate. However, the pages with clear messages, and aligned clean elements will ultimately have a higher conversion and retention rate.


Make your site user-friendly and easy for visitors to find what they are actually looking for. Give them multiple ways to access the information you have published on your site so far. Deploy site navigation categories, search functions, top navigation tabs or buttons, footer navigation text links, and everything else that can make it utterly seamless for the users to move around your online business site, regardless of where they start in the first place. Also, you need to remember that a website is not a linear thing because your new visitors may land first on your landing page (homepage) or any other product web page buried deep within your website.

Continuity & Consistency

You must always keep consistency throughout your website so that the visitors going from one page to another will always know where they actually are and how they can get to the next page of their interest. Moreover, continuity is also one of the most crucial elements in customer conversion. When visitors on your site click on the next web page, they must match their expected results and deliver a continuous and consistent message.

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